Stuck in a boring Lunch rut?

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Get inspired with a countdown of our favorite lunches that always satisfy!

#4 - A Crisp, refreshing Italian flavor-bomb: The Mele Fresca Salad.

Luxurious, protein-packed Prosciutto di Parma, toasted Almonds and creamy Gorgonzola play with tart Green Apple and tangy Lemon Vinaigrette. If you haven’t tried it yet, this one is not to be missed!

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#3 - Grab on with two hands: Try a Chicken Parmesan Sandwich.

Juicy, crispy breaded Chicken, melted Fresh Mozzarella cheese and our San Marzano tomato sauce are the simple trio of ingredients that make this East-Coast favorite the stuff real sandwiches are made of. It’s so big you could split it, but you won't want to!

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#2 - Eat the rainbow: The Arrosto Salad.

Don't de-rail your diet - you won’t miss the meat or cheese in this vegan and gluten free loaded Roasted Vegetable salad. Our signature mix of warm coal-roasted vegetables, cool crisp lettuce and herbaceous, slightly sweet Oregano Vinaigrette have those in the know coming back week after week for this guilt free lunch.

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#1 - The steal of a deal: The $9 Lunch Special.

Our signature combo of 9” Margherita Pizza, Small House salad and Fountain drink has stood the test of time – and it's our hands-down favorite weekday lunch. Enjoy it with friends, coworkers or over a quick client meeting, these are flavors you can come back to over and over again!

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Come in and try them all, visit our Reservation’s page to book online!

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🚨 BOGO Pizza this Weekend!

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In the time it takes to cook a pizza, transport your taste buds to the Neapolitan coast!


Buy any 12” Specialty Pizza,

Get a FREE 12” Margherita Pizza!

Just mention this offer to your server!

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Marco's Coal Fired | Ballpark

2129 Larimer St, Denver CO 80205


Marco's Coal Fired | Inverness

10111 Inverness Main St, Englewood CO 80112

The "Fine Print":

Buy Any 12” Specialty Pizza, Get a 12” Margherita Pizza free.

Guests must inform Server/Order taker prior to ordering. Dine In Only – Sorry, not available with Take out or Delivery. Limit One Free Pizza per table. Toppings extra. No substitutions to the offer.

Offer valid 7/27-28/2019.

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Neapolitan Pizza Heritage!

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Tradition & Passion

Did you know, Neapolitan Pizza is part of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity?

As a proud part of the Verace Pizza Napoletana family of pizza-makers around the world, every element of our pizza-making is in strict adherence with this long-lasting and beloved cultural tradition.

True Neapolitan Pizza is guided by quality and technique, with guidelines for every step:

  • Dough must use only 4 ingredients, a traditional flour, and specialized fermentation process.

  • Pizzas must be Hand-Stretched with a puffy crust called a Cornicione.

  • Pizzas are baked at very high heat in Wood-burning volcanic stone ovens.

  • Traditional ingredients must be used, including San Marzano Tomatoes, Fior di Latte or Bufala Mozzarella, Fresh Basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Campania Pizza

Campania Pizza

What to try for the authentic experience:

Our guests know it as the Campania, but others may know it as a Margherita with Bufala Mozzarella – this simple, unfettered combination of naturally sweet San Marzano Tomatoes, salty and tangy Bufala Mozzarella, fresh basil leaves and aromatic Extra Virgin Olive Oil best brings to life the history of Neapolitan pizza. 

Want to dive into other traditional toppings?

Try our Hell’s Kitchen Pizza, featuring Hot Dry Cured Coppa and Spicy Calabrian Salami, two types of salumi with long-standing Italian tradition.

Dry Cured Coppa is made from well-marbled pork shoulder, rubbed with Hot Paprika and Sea Salt, and cured in a natural casing, similarly to a Prosciutto. Versions of this salumi have been made since antiquity.

Spicy Calabrian Salami combines the meaty, coarse ground texture of a Soppressata, the fiery Pepperoncino traditional to Calabria, and the flattened, oblong shape found in certain traditional salumi from southern Italy, sometimes referred to as Spianata Calabria.

It's hard to choose just one. Bring a friends and try your way through our 12 specialty pizzas, each showcasing Italian flavors and celebrating traditional products!

Hell’s Kitchen Pizza

Hell’s Kitchen Pizza

What else is included on the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage?

Hop over to the UNESCO website and take a look around, some of our favorites are Arabic Coffee and its Ceremonial symbol of Generosity, the tradition of Kimchi-making in Korea, and the Gingerbread Craft of Northern Croatia!

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BRUNCH on the 4th of July!

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Lighting off FOUR Days of Brunch!

Join us at our Denver and Englewood CO Locations July 4th - 7th for delicious runny-egg Brunch Pizzas, great shareable apps, Gluten-Free friendly options and of course… Bottomless Mimosas!

NEW Brunch Pizza Alert! Try the BOMBA Pizza for the very first time this weekend! It’s loaded with Sweet Italian Sausage, Roasted Potatoes, Bufala Mozzarella, Caciocavallo and Grana Padano cheeses, Fresh Basil - and of course, runny eggs.

Did you know our Larimer Street location has FREE parking? Parking available in the lot just North of Marco's Coal Fired on Larimer Street - except during Rockies games.

Coors Field Fireworks Games this year will be after the Rockies play the Astros on Tuesday, July 2nd and Wednesday, July 3rd. Rockies are out of town July 4th - 11th!

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#OfficiallyVeganized Greatness!

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A HUGE Thank you to …

Everyone that came out for our Vegan Pop Up Dinner on June 19th! We had a packed house and received some great feedback on all of our items!

A Special Thanks to the following extra special Influencers who helped us get the word out!


But, we couldn’t have done it without our 🅰🅼🅰🆉🅸🅽🅶 co-host @veganizerden 🌿!! To learn more about their mission to bring more plants to the people, visit

Vegan Popup Menu 2.jpg
Photo: Amy Beth Bolden, @thatveganwife

Photo: Amy Beth Bolden, @thatveganwife


We hope everyone had a wonderful time! For our wonderful vegan guests, we’ve put together a special Vegan “secret” Menu available everyday with some new & old favorites just for you!

Secret Vegan Menu v1 web.jpg

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Gluten Free Pizza on Happy Hour!

Have you heard the news?

For the first time ever, Gluten Free Pizza is now on Happy Hour at Marco’s Coal-Fired!

Stop by every day between 3 – 6pm for the best Gluten Free Pizza in Colorado, at the best price we’ve ever offered it – just $10 for a 12” Gluten Free Margherita Pizza.


For years guests have raved about the flavor and texture of our Gluten Free Dough as being the most similar to traditional pizza, with the best flavor and performance. Check out our 5 Star rating on!

Best gluten free pizza I’ve ever had!!! It’s definitely worth the money and they were super careful about cross contamination and other allergens. It was so good we bought an extra one to take home with us.
— Review, August 2018
Ready to be fired off in our coal oven

Ready to be fired off in our coal oven

Our Gluten Free crust is so flavorful and delicate, it has been mistaken for the “real” thing!

Our Gluten Free crust is so flavorful and delicate, it has been mistaken for the “real” thing!

What makes our dough different?

Like all of our products, we use only the best available.

Made by Mulino Caputo in Naples, Italy Fioreglut is the best Gluten Free Flour on the market because it uses deglutinized wheat starch ( Continuously tested under 5PPM of Gluten, 4x under the FDA limits for Gluten Free Certification) and a blend of cereals to make a flour that can be mixed, fermented, stretched and cooked just like a traditional Neapolitan Pizza Dough.

The result is a yeasty, flavorful, soft and chewy crust in keeping with authentic Italian tradition and safe for Gluten Free guests.

Each batch of our Gluten Free dough is carefully mixed by hand and allowed to ferment over 24 hours for outstanding flavor.

Each batch of our Gluten Free dough is carefully mixed by hand and allowed to ferment over 24 hours for outstanding flavor.

We’ve come a long way.

Can you believe when we first started making Gluten Free Pizza we only offered it TWO days a week?

In the 11 years since we opened, our Gluten Free following has grown tremendously and demand for great gluten free options keeps on rising!

That’s why we’re so thrilled to have come full circle – from just a few days a week, now to Happy Hour – Marco’s Coal-Fired is the BEST place for everyone to have a truly great, Neapolitan Pizza in Colorado.

Amazing pizza. Dedicated oven, they really understand gluten free. Haven’t had a pizza that was crisp and chewy in 10 years. Worth the money.
— Review, May 2019
In-house promotion material, ca. 2011.

In-house promotion material, ca. 2011.

Instagram Photo: @ocn_eats , May 2019

Instagram Photo: @ocn_eats , May 2019

Caputo flour has always been producing wheat flour in the ways of old milling tradition and food genuineness - working on our principles of naturalness, quality and taste.

Although the family’s philosophy keeps preserving the original values found by Antimo Caputo Senior…the Caputo Family has looked in deep and forward to give it’s contribution to an important matter about food intolerances. Celiac disease is nowadays a worldwide phenomenon affecting kids and adults.

Fioreglut is the product of a peculiar food research and food technology applied to the unmistakable values of Caputo. It’s in compliance with the most restrictive regulation for free gluten products (< 5 ppm of gluten proteins residues) and also certified ISO 22000:FSSC and Kosher.

Taste, aroma and naturalness are firm and basic characteristics of Fioreglut, but not the only. One of the most complex challenges to achieve was to reproduce the aspects of a regular flour with a free gluten flour.
— Mauro Caputo of Mulino Caputo
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